DD Dish TV Serial No. NIOS D.EL.ED, DD Dish TV for watching SWAYAMPRABHA Channel

This is very important news for untrained in-service teachers who is pursuing Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed) 2017-2019 from National Institute of Open Schooling.

Initially course fees for 1st year of D.EL.ED course from NIOS was taken only 4500Rs out of total fees 6000Rs Discount of 1500Rs was given by the government to but DD Dish TV to watch study material on TV SWAYAMPRABHA Channel number 32. Continue reading “DD Dish TV Serial No. NIOS D.EL.ED, DD Dish TV for watching SWAYAMPRABHA Channel”

How to get Access for NIOS D.El.Ed Study Material

Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed) programme is for untrained in-service teachers aimed at enabling the target group to develop in them skills, competencies, attitudes and  understanding to make teaching and learning more effective.  NIOS has designed and developed Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.) Programme in ODL mode for un-trained in-service teachers at elementary level. It consists of 10 papers, five papers in two semesters of 9 months. Continue reading “How to get Access for NIOS D.El.Ed Study Material”

Bridge Course Programme Guide

This is only for B.Ed. Teachers teaching in primary class (I-V)
Before submitting the form and making the payment kindly see the details which you have filled and if all the details are correct then only submit the form, No corrections is allowed after submission
Once the form is submitted and payment is made then corrections is not allowed
This section is for Teacher Only. Continue reading “Bridge Course Programme Guide”

NIOS D.EL.ED Programme Guide

Teacher Education is one of the important components to determine the quality of a teacher.  Untrained teachers remains deprived of becoming aware realising many good qualities of a teacher.  Teaching is a profession which requires development of typical the feelings and skills of harnessing
the good qualities in a learner.  To ensure that all untrained teachers acquire the requisite qualifications, SSA provides for 60 days of
training for teachers who have not received any training before their recruitment. But this training  cannot be deemed to be equivalent to requisite training qualification as prescribed by the NCTE.  Continue reading “NIOS D.EL.ED Programme Guide”