NIOS D.EL.ED Practical Information

To provide effective support to the practical work, NIOS has set up in consultation with State a
number of Study Centres where workshop of 12 days duration in each year of 2-year course will be
conducted during long holidays.
The Study Centres are located in DIETs/PTTIs/BRCs where academic tutoring and practical
workshop will be conducted. It will be managed by the Study Centre/ Workshop Coordinators. Each
Study Centre will be handling maximum of 100 students.
The detailed particulars regarding Study Centre to which you are attached will be communicated to
you by the state functionaries /NIOS/Study Centre.
Practicals will be held in the respective schools (working place) and also in the institutions identified
as Study Centres. As mentioned earlier, in practical courses, the practical work consists of schoolbased
activities and workshop-based activities, assignments and practice teaching. The School-Based
activities, assignments and practice teaching will be carried out in the respective school i.e., the work
centre (the place where the teacher trainees work). The workshop-based practicals will be organised
in two practical workshops of 24 days duration, i.e., 12 days each spreading over two years. The two
workshops include intensive face-to-face interaction to develop skills and competencies in the school after taking due permission from the concerned school under the guidance of the supervisor (teacher
educator) and Principal/Headmaster, Senior Teacher (Mentors). A trainee is expected to go through
approximately 750 hours of contact hours of different practical work.

Practical and Contact Sessions
The course delivery will have a major component of internship and contact sessions. The internship
consisting of practical sessions includes three types of activities such as School Based, Workshop
Based and Practice Teaching. A 12-day Workshop in a year, School Based Activities in
FIRST YEAR supervised by the Supervisor/Mentor and Practice Teaching in SECOND YEAR,
also supervised by the Supervisor/Mentor. Personal Contact sessions include 15 tutoring sessions in
a year at study centres. The number of hours expected to be utilized in these sessions has been
envisaged as follows:

Feel free to comment for any further help. All the best to all teachers.

Thank you.

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