NIOS D.EL.ED Assignment Process & Format

Course Based Assignments (supplied along with Self Learning Materials) are the integral and
compulsory component of the instructional system. There are assignments in every theory course.
These assignments are to be submitted to the concerned Study Centre in accordance with the
submission-schedule provided separately in the programme guide. In case a student wants to have
assignments, he/she can obtain a copy of the same from the Study Centre or may download it from
the NIOS website –

The following point should be kept in mind when you prepare the assignments:

i. Make the answer concise and systematic. Always try to avoid irrelevant details and focus on
the question and its various aspects.
ii. Take care of the work limit wherever specified in the assignments. Please stick to the word
limit as far as possible. At the same time, make the descriptions adequate and not too short.
The word limit is set to sharpen the focus of the responses and not to restrict your expression.
iii. You have to write the answers in your own handwriting. If you feel that your handwriting is
not properly legible, you may send us typed responses.
iv. You have to send the assignment responses to the study centre you are attached to (as per the
date set for each assignment).
There will be three course based assignments (2 theory + 1 practical) carrying a weightage of 30
percent in each course. Practice based will carry 10 percent and theoretical item will carry 20 percent
weightage .There will be no option and all the items will be compulsory. In toto there will be 27
assignments. These assignments are to be submitted to the study centre within the date prescribed in
the schedule. Always retain a copy of the assignment responses with you.
How to send completed ‘Assignment-responses’ and other issues
Write your enrolment no., name and full address and date at the top right hand corner of the first
page of your assignment response(s).
 Write the course title code and assignment code in capital letters in the centre at the top of the
first page of your response(s).
(Leave the top left-hand corner blank for office use). The top of the first page of your
response(s) should look something like this:

(Please follow the format strictly. If you do not follow this format we will be obliged to return
your responses to you for resubmission. If you do not write your enrolment number and
address, your assignment-responses are likely to be lost).
 The assignment-response should be complete in all respects. Incomplete responses will bring you
poor grades. Don’t send responses piece-meal they may never be put together in our offices.
 Use only foolscap size paper for your responses. Use ordinary writing paper, not the very thin
 Leave a 3/2” margin on the left and at least 4 lines in between each answer in an assignment
response. This will enable the resource person evaluating the response to write useful comments
at appropriate places.
 Make sure you answer the questions on the basis of the SLM sent to you.
 You should not send printed articles as your answer to assignments.
 Please keep a copy of the assignment responses that you send us. You may need this in case you
have to resubmit it in a situation when it may have been lost in postal transit.
Remember that any two of more answers to a particular assignment, if found to be identical or
very similar, will either be returned unmarked or awarded very low grades. It is entirely the
discretion of the evaluator to ask you to re-do the assignment or give a very low grade in such
 Please submit the assignment to the Coordinator/Programme Incharge of the concerned Study
Centre by the specified date. If the last date for the submission of the assignment falls on a
holiday the assignment response should be submitted on the following working day.
Assignment Remittance-Cum-Acknowledgement Form and Acknowledgement form for the
Evaluator: Acknowledgment form for submitting the Assignment to the study centre at
Appendix-II. This form is used for all the assignments of the D.El.Ed. Programme and get
photocopy of this Proforma separately for all the assignments.

Feel free to comment for any further help. All the best to all teachers.

Thank you.

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