NIOD D.EL.ED APP and Personal contact program

National Institute of open schooling has developed a mobile application NIOS_DELED which can be downloaded from Google Play Store free of cost. The application provides all information about diploma in Elementary education course offered by National Institute of open Schooling. This is very helpful for teacher register for the course, through the application the teacher can access all the important information, study material, audio and video and the diploma in Elementary education web portal. The study material are available in the nine regional language Telugu, assamese, Gujarati, Kannad, Marathi, Odia, Tamil, Bengali, Punjabi besides Hindi and English. Application helps the teacher in accessing the study materials anywhere anytime for consumption of the course as per the timeline.

you have already deposited first year fee therefore no fee to be deposited now except examination fee. All course material, audio, video lectures are free of cost. Only you have to pay  6000  rupees course fee for second year.

Welcome in diploma in Elementary education program of National Institute of open scooling. Hope you have also registered yourself in Swayam which is mandatory. It’s four quadrants channel where you will get everything like study materials video lectures self assessment tests to test and quizzes and interaction with course coordinator for clearing  doubts. You are advised to study sincerely, attend PCP classes Summit TMA, do various activities as directed so that you become eligible for writing your term end examination.

Personal contact program PCP at Study Centre:

very soon you will come to know about details of your study centre through our website. In Study centre you will have to attend personal contact program. Resource person will conduct PCP classes of 15 days. PCP will be on Sundays and holidays.

The personal contact program in open and distance education system is for supporting and facilitating you, as the distance learning and to solve your problems with you faced during your  self study. In the PCP you get an opportunity to interact with tutor and resource person as well as the peer group. You will appreciate that the use of the word ‘contact’ rather than ‘teaching’ itself make a distinction between the traditional classroom teaching and the PCP. In fact this is a program where learners come together to share your learning experiences, find solutions to the academic problems and remove the barriers in learning activities. Face-to-face interaction takes place in an outside the classroom, there is no specific assignment to credit to PCP still there is a lot of importance given to the attendance.

In this season is compulsory you have to attend a minimum of 75% of PCP and tutorial sessions without which you will not be allowed to appear in term end examinations.

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