Guidelines for training of untrained in service teachers, diploma in Elementary education

There is some recent message from chairman of National Institute of open schooling.  Chairman of National Institute of open schooling says congratulations to your admission to the diploma in Elementary education program of the National Institute of open schooling. He says , I’m writing to you to share some very crucial issues related to your diploma in Elementary education program Read the instructions carefully and follow each one of them very carefully.

Now it has been more than 3 months since you paid your first year fees and registered to the diploma in Elementary education program but it is found that most of the teacher’s have not registered themselves on to the  swayam Platform.

swayam is the massive open online platform where you will get the self-instructional material for the diploma in Elementary education course. Don’t think that just because you have paid the fees you will pass the exam of diploma in Elementary education.

The lessons related to diploma in Elementary education as well as video and audio lectures have been placed on the swayam platform.

if you will not read the lessons how you will learn and how you will pass the exam. you have already lost 2 months of study time, please login to swayam and register yourself for all the three courses that is 501, 502 and 503.

You can ask questions if you have any doubt to the course coordinator, details of course coordinator you can find under your login portal of  swayam.

You must log onto swayam and register yourself immediately. also please read the instructions on the website if you have any doubts.

National Institute of open schooling has also given  fee concession of 1500 rupees to you in the fee for first year so that you can buy the DD dish and  watch the lectures.

We found that most of the teachers have not bought DD dish connection, you have this freedom that you  need not to go to college to do the classes, if you will not Watch the  lecture given on television how you will pass the exam, falling which you will not be able to pass your exam and also lose your job.

Swayam  is completely free and you need not to pay any money to anyone for the registration  So if you do not register yourself You will not be able to learn. in this case you will not be in the position to be in the job and will be dismissed from the school after 31st of March 2019. National Institute of open schooling hope that you will understand the gravity of the situation and will immediately register  to swayam portal.

The diploma in Elementary teacher education program to open and distance learning system is intended primarily for upgrading professional development life skills, competencies,  attitude and understanding to make teaching and learning more effective for working in-service teacher in the Elementary schools.

As per the right to education Act 2009 it is mandatory to have professionally qualified teachers in the school at Elementary level. It is a huge task to  make the inservice teacher Professionally qualified through the existing teacher education institution within the prescribed time limit. It is felt essential to take the advantage of ODL system to provide professional education to the inservice and trained teachers working for formal schooling system. Hence the teacher education institution and in exponential case senior secondary schools have been accepted to be utilised As study centres Where teachers Educator and professionally qualified teachers are  available.


the objectives of the program are-

  • enable the teacher to understand and address diversity to his or her context.
  • empower  teacher to improve quality of classroom processes and transactions.
  • develop diversity in teacher to promote child friendly, child-centred processes in school.
  • Familiarise the teachers with appropriate teaching learning processes.
  • facilitate teachers to develop leadership and problem solving skills among children’s.
  • Sensitize teachers to ensure child rights and related issues

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